Nearly 99 percentage of students from India who pursue their highesr studies in Russia enrols for medical studies, according to the Indian Embassy at Moscow. It is clearly evident from this statistics that Russia is one of the most affordable destinations for quality medical studies for international students especially from India. Russian government has subsidised fee policy for foreign students which attracts a plethora of students from around the world. Apart from this the admission procedures are faster and hasslefree in Russia.

The Russian university’s courses are approved by the World Health Organisation and Medical Council of India that are globally acknowledged and recognized. Admission is based on academic excellence which is a straightforward process. English has been given utmost importance as a primary teaching language that attracts international students.

Accomplished as the best and safest country in the world, Russian medical universities provide Excellent medical education with the most affordable fee structure. Russia holds the 8th position for providing top-class medical education. International exposure and world-class infrastructure are the captivating advantages of studying MBBS in Russia. Even though it is easy to find part-time jobs in Russia, it is necessary to have a work permit for anything other than working on campus in Russia.

 Why Russia?
  1. High-quality education with an affordable fee structure
  2. Hold a high position in providing top-class medical education
  3. Hassle-free admission procedures
  4. Ensures 100% safety

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