The Best Choice Of Countries To Pursue Mbbs Abroad        

The Best Choice Of Countries To Pursue Mbbs Abroad

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The Best Choice Of Countries To Pursue Mbbs Abroad

Pursuing MBBS from abroad is one of the best choices to have a fruitful career and secure future. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring medical students that allows them to gain international exposure, experience different cultures, and acquire a globally recognized degree. There are enormous countries that offer MBBS programs to International students with their own special features. .

There will be a number of factors to consider while choosing a country to pursue MBBS. Countries with the best medical universities, colleges, affordable fee structures, living expenses, safety, etc are certain factors that affect the choice of selection of a country. Even though MBBS is a highly preferred course prevailing in India, a large number of students choose to seek their medical studies abroad. The best countries to pursue MBBS for abroad Indian students provide great exposure to explore better infrastructure and the most affordable fee structure.

The student gets the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures and experience valuable periods with some of the best doctors around the world. As students can study their course at an affordable cost compared to overly expensive medical colleges in India, the number of students looking to pursue MBBS abroad is considerably increasing, and the international medical universities and colleges are renowned and recognized by the Medical Council of India  (MCI)/ National Medical Council (NMC). 

While considering pursuing an MBBS degree abroad, there are several countries that are famous for their reputation in medical education systems and welcoming international students. Let’s have a look into some of the best choices;

  1. Armenia: While compared to the MBBS education system in India, Armenia offers a relatively low cost of studying medicine. There will be no donation fees, no entrance examinations, or language proficiency tests required to get admission to Armenian Universities. Modern infrastructure with great facilities and comfortable hostel accommodations with proper necessities are certain services provided by Armenian universities for International Students.
  1. Philippines: Being popular for the lower cost of education compared to other countries, MBBS in the Philippines is well-known for its affordability, allowing students from all backgrounds to access the course. The reasonable price of living expenses, and low cost of tuition fees, make the country an ideal option to pursue their medical education in a budget-friendly manner without compromising the quality.
  1. Latvia: Currently, Latvia is becoming the perfect destination to pursue an MBBS degree. According to the QS ranking, Latvian universities are the world’s best universities among 600 medical universities. Latvia is developing as the best choice to seek MBBS as Latvia is ranking top among the European medical education destinations with MCI-approved medical colleges. As a country that ensures the sound and safety of the students, Latvia is becoming the best choice for international students to pursue MBBS.
  1. Poland: Poland has several attractive features to pursuing an MBBS degree. Comparatively cost-effective tuition fees and un-requirement of tests like IELTS & TOEFL make Poland an attractive spot to seek MBBS. Polish universities are known for their high standards of education and international recognition. Various medical councils and organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI), and the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK. This universal recognition enables graduates to pursue further studies or practice medicine.
  1. Bangladesh: Bangladesh will be the best destination for students who thinking about starting a future in the MBBS. As the MBBS undergraduate program is well-known in Bangladesh, Indian students who would like to pursue MBBS abroad can choose Bangladesh for their medical studies. Along with cost-effective programs, the country ensures quality education and a quality healthcare system for students at the most affordable cost.
  1. Georgia: Georgia is a country that ensures quality education with affordable living, and low tuition fees. The safe and pleasant atmosphere and the great infrastructure are the captivating features of the University of Georgia. High-quality education and internationally recognized degrees are the major advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia. The numerous choice of medical universities with no concept of donation or capitation fee attracts a lot of students to pursue their dream in Georgia
  1. Hungary: Hungary is a country with some top-tier MBBS universities offering high-quality education at affordable prize. The affordable cost of living and low tuition fees are the attractive peculiarities of Hungary. The top-notch infrastructure and advanced equipment technology will provide an unmatching learning experience to the students. Pursuing MBBS in Hungary will be the best option for students since it is one of the most affordable countries to live and most universities use English as their teaching language.
  1. Russia: The cost of pursuing MBBS in Russia is significantly lower than in India. Russian medical universities are well-known for their affordable tuition fees and high-quality education. There are universities that offer English-taught programs. The top-level Russian medical universities have the world-class infrastructure to support and ensure high-quality medical education and accommodation facilities for Indian students. Russia will be a great exposure for Indian medical students to get practical exposure in the affiliated world universities and hospitals.
  1. Malaysia: Malaysia is considered to be one of the best places to pursue a dream career in medicine. High-quality education and a multicultural environment are the captivating features of pursuing an MBBS in Malaysia. Being the best country to pursue cost-effective studies and an efficient living system, most of the colleges in Malaysia provide different scholarship programs. Another specialty of medical universities in Malaysia is that they are perceived by international bodies like World Health Organization.
  1. Romania: Among the European Union countries, the annual tuition fee for an MBBS in Romania is comparatively very affordable. Vibrant international student communities and worldwide recognition of degrees are the captivating features of Romanian universities. Being one of the best members of the European Union the MBBS degree from Romania is valid ad accepted in several countries including India. The process and procedures concerning documentation, visa, and admission are very simple, easy, and quick in Romania.
  1. Barbados: Barbados is a country comprised of Top medical universities that provide world-class education with high-quality standards and well-experienced staff. As the hospitals of Barbados are well-equipped with great infrastructure and technology, the student will get great exposure to pursuing new technologies. Being s member of UNESCO, and the Council of Europe, Barbados will provide the best education facilities to the students with all amenities.
  1. Kyrgyzstan: Affordable fee structure, pleasant weather conditions, and reasonable cost of living are the peculiarities of Kyrgyzstan and the medical universities there. Special hostel facilities for Indian students with world-class amenities and globally recognized medical degrees are certain advantages of the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan. Unneccesity of entrance exams and donations for admission processes are attractive features of the universities of Kyrgyzstan.
  1. Lithuania: Lithuania is one of the most educated and bilingual countries in Europe. This is a country that ensures safety, a world-class education system, excellent healthcare, and social security for international students. Lithuania will e a great platform for students to explore their culture, learn new languages, embrace the modern and traditional culture, find new friends, and build up a network of people, which will be an invaluable asset for future vocations.
  1. Kazakhstan: Students who would like to pursue a career in the medical field, but with the most affordable fee structure and cost, can enroll in the MBBS in Kazakhstan. Being approved by UNESCO, the universities of Kazakhstan are approved by WHO & MCI. High-quality education at affordable cost, qualified faculties, affordable cost of living, and unrequirement of donation fees are the captivating features to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan.

It is important to research and consider the student’s personal preferences, financial situation, language requirements, and future career plans while choosing a country to pursue MBBS. Pursuing MBBS abroad is not something impossible. Excellent employment opportunities, world-class education, scholarships, exposure to divergent cultures, and high-quality education are certain advantages of pursuing an MBBS abroad. There are numerous countries that offer MBBS in abroad for Indian students at low cost. As it is a difficult procedure to get admission in India, MBBS abroad education consultants in India aid students in achieving their ambitions and aspirations at their best.

Medical Admission Hub, one of the best MBBS abroad consultants in India, launched with an aim to satisfy the dreams and ambitions of the students into reality. We would like them to experience the great and rich platforms of overseas education and assist them to reach their dream destination. By realizing the goal of the students, we ensure to provide them with proper and needed information and support throughout their dream journey.