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    MBBS in Georgia

    Experience world-class educational facilities in Georgia and earn an international MBBS degree at low-cost. Georgia MBBS programme is equipped with european standards of education within a shoestring budget.

    MBBS in Malaysia

    Are you looking for an MBBS programme within your reach? If so earn it from one of the fastest growing economies in Asia in Malaysia. With an education system at par with most developed nations, MBBS from Malaysia is recognised Globally.

    MBBS in Poland

    Never compromise on the highest standards of education when it comes to MBBS degree. Earn it from Poland, one of the highly developed economies in the west. grab the opportunity to learn, migrate and settle down as a doctor in Europe.

    MBBS in UK

    Experience world-class educational facilities in UK and earn an international MBBS degree at low-cost. Studying MBBS in the UK offers a comprehensive and globally recognized medical education.

    MBBS in Hungary

    Hungary offers affordable and high-quality MBBS education, making it a popular choice for international students, including Indians. Renowned universities, modern facilities, and a recognized degree within the European Union make MBBS in Hungary an excellent option for Indian students.

    MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

    Kyrgyzstan is gaining popularity as a destination for Indian students pursuing MBBS abroad. Its affordable tuition fees and quality medical education offered by Kyrgyzstan's medical universities make it an attractive choice. The universities boast advanced scientific technologies and a well-structured medical education system, attracting students from around the world.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Navigating the Medical Admission Maze: Your FAQs, Expertly Addressed

      No, while applying to many foreign universities NEET is not mandatory.

      Yes, if you want to write the NEXT exam after completing the MBBS from foreign universities and wanted to practice in India.

      No, if you do not want to practice in India, NEET is not mandatory.

      The validity of NEET score card is 2 years and the student need to appear for foreign universities within the period of this 2 years.

      No, NEET exam need to be cleared before going to foreign universities

      There is no such NEET requirements to get admission in foreign universities. You just need to qualify the NEET exam as per the guidelines set by NMC.

      IELTS is not mandatory in many of the cases.

      Only few universities conduct online entrance exam before going for admission.

      Yes, you can apply before getting the NEET results.

      No, medical students are given high priority at visa and it makes their application very smooth and hassle free.

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