Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

  • Which are the top 5 Medical Universities in Poland?

    The top Medical Universities in Poland where you can apply for admission include, the Medical University of Warsaw, Medical University Gdansk, Medical University Lodz, Fahrenheit Universities, and Pomeranian Medical University.

  • Which are the top 5 Medical Universities in Georgia?

    The top Medical Universities in Georgia, where you can apply for your education abroad include Alte University, Georgian American University, Ilia State University, BAU International University Batumi, and Grigol Robakidze University.

  • Which countries are the best to choose for MBBS abroad?

    There are plenty of countries that provide higher opportunities for the Medical field abroad. Amongst these, the countries that are most welcoming with scholarships and higher part-time job opportunities include Poland, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, and Lithuania. Never compromise on your education, so choose the best consultancy for mbbs abroad. Visit Medical Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture to know more.

  • Which countries offer the lowest tuition fees for MBBS?

    Georgia, Kazagsthan, Philipines, Kyrgyzstan, and China are some of the countries that offer MBBS courses starting from a tuition fee of 2.5 Lakhs including scholarships.

  • What are Public Universities? Which are the top 5 Public Universities to study MBBS in abroad?

    Public Universities are those that will be subsidized by the government. The top 5 Public Universities where you can apply for MBBS abroad include the University of Debrecen, Riga Stradins University, Tbilisi State Medical University Georgia, Medical University of Warsaw, and the Medical University of Silesia.

  • Why to chose Medical Admission Hub?

    Medical Admission Hub is a premium portal for MBBS students seeking admission to foreign universities. We help students gain admission to public and private universities in Georgia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Barbados, Malaysia, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Philippines, Italy, and other countries. We have acquired our position as one of the best mbbs abroad consultants in India. We base the admission process on countries that are budget-friendly and easy to access for the admission process with minimal documents, which are then approved by NMC and WHO. Admission to various countries begins at 2 lakhs and goes up from there. There are countries where the MBBS program lasts from 5.5 to 7 years. We direct the student based on their preferences. Universities with online tests and universities without initial tests are also preferred by the students, where the Medical Admission Hub provides you with the right guidance. We assist students in obtaining scholarships for their admissions process. Universities include USMLE preparation as part of the course fee. Students are also guided through the visa application process and prepared to attend the visa interview. Successful students are provided with all post-arrival assistance, including airport pick-up, budget-friendly accommodations such as apartments and studio apartments, and insurance that is valid for the duration of their stay. Enrolled students are also guided on how to crack the house surgency and NEXT. Visit medicaladmissionhub.com, an Infosconnect venture, and schedule a free counseling session with one of our experts.

  • Why is Georgia the best country for mbbs for Indian students?

    Georgia offers lower tuition for MBBS aspirants in Government Universities. They provide easy application and visa processes that are approved by NMC and MCI. For learning more about the application process book a free consultation with Medical Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture.

  • Why you should study mbbs in abroad? And why you should choose Medical Admission Abroad?

    It has become easier to get admission abroad. In the case of MBBS, there are many public universities abroad that provide lower tuition fees starting from 2 Lakhs only. The admission process for NEET-eligible candidates is so much easier and faster. With Medical Admission Abroad you can access easy admission and faster visa processing. We help students to get into top-rated universities with a high-quality education. You can avail of NEXT and USMLE exam coaching during the course period, along with clinical rotation. Apply with the Medical admission Hub, a venture of Infosconnect to choose the right country and the university for you. Admission to Poland, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Hungary, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Barbados, and Lithuania is open now.

  • Is it true that Nurses have more opportunities abroad?

    Yes, it’s true that Nurses from India are in high demand in abroad countries. Moreover, countries like Ireland and USA give scholarships up to 50% on tuition fees. The starting salary for nurses abroad is really lucrative. So without waiting, you could start trying with your applications with the best abroad study consultancy in Kochi, Medical Admission Abroad, an Infosconnect venture.

  • Can you study abroad with fewer scores in NEET?

    Yes, you can still get your admissions to top-ranked universities with lower NEET scores. We at Medical Admission Hub, an Infosconnect venture can help you out with getting admission to top-ranking medical universities in Georgia, the Philippines, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, the UK, America, and many more of your choice. Submit your documents with us and get relaxed and prepare for travel for a successful journey to become to a doctor.

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