Best Career Paths for Indian Students after Studying MBBS Abroad.        

Best Career Paths for Indian Students after Studying MBBS Abroad.

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Best Career Paths for Indian Students after Studying MBBS Abroad.

One widespread myth is that students who are serious about the biological sciences and medicine (M.B.B.S.) have few options to pursue intriguing jobs. If you receive the right motivation and mentoring, though, it is not true. Even though it is somewhat true, there are various opportunities available, and one of them will certainly suit your demands.

The medical field is among the most coveted in the world. It has been a prestigious and well-known career for generations. Undoubtedly, there is a vast range of medicine.

Ayurveda, homeopathy, and other ancient medical practices are prevalent today. Allopathic medicine, on the other hand, is a type of Western medicine employed in modern medicine. Around the world, medical schools offer instruction in both traditional and modern medicine. Students should thoroughly evaluate the courses the university provides before deciding to seek higher education to be sure before beginning their medical professions.

Studying MBBS abroad is one of the best options for Indian medical aspirants who want to advance their careers and become exceptional doctors. In addition to the typical duties and responsibilities that a doctor must undertake, there are a plethora of other career options after MBBS available to those who are interested in medicine.

What Is MBBS Abroad?

Many students look abroad when they are unable to find MBBS seats in India. As a result, going abroad to study MBBS is a good option if you want to become a doctor. Students, on the other hand, think about the many employment prospects available after an MBBS abroad. Therefore, we will discuss the various career options and MBBS scope in this post for students who completed their MBBS abroad.

Many Indian students still think that there are no employment opportunities available after MBBS abroad without a PG, MD, or MS. But among medical students, there is a misunderstanding of it. You may have also heard that “a career in medicine is not at all easy.” Due to rising competition, MBBS is no longer regarded as the highest certification in the medical field. As a result, after completing their MBBS abroad, medical students are forced to pass up some of the best alternative career opportunities.

In addition, this blog will teach you about the top alternative job paths and top courses you can take following your MBBS abroad.

Here are some of the career paths that you can pick up after completing MBBS from abroad:

1. Medical researchers

It is one of the sectors with the most rapid change. You will have the chance to discover more about the human body and potential medical procedures. Validating the outcomes of numerous studies is necessary for a thorough knowledge of medical research. In addition to academic settings, hospital laboratories, and research campuses, MBBS students who are studying overseas must work in a variety of settings.

2. Professor of Medicine

Medical school is an additional fantastic option after an MBBS overseas. If you decide to follow this career path (teaching), you keep up with a wide range of topics, including the most recent medical news. There is numerous lucrative employment available in this field, and salaries increase in direct proportion to your level of medical expertise.

3. Hotel Administration

Long-term opportunities in hospital management are open to doctors and older citizens in addition to international MBBS students. Careers in facility administration increase clinical experience, which improves hospital reputation and career management.

4. Medical Consultation

A medical-legal advisor is one of the most difficult career paths since it requires abiding by the legal requirements of the medical procedure. This is one of the most profitable medical career options, especially for individuals interested in a career in medical law. International MBBS students will be permitted to pursue this career path, which includes holding lectures, writing dissertations, and participating in legal proceedings.

5. Sports medicine

One of the most in-demand professions right now is sports medicine, which is quickly overtaking other occupations. And the reason for this is that many of its well-known and diverse clients frequently travel abroad. One of the few ambitious professions that pays more is this one. 

Best Courses that have scope after doing MBBS from abroad.

  1. Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology/ Health Education/ Occupational Health/ Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation/ Sports Medicine/ Pathology/ Paediatrics/ Immunohematology/
  2. Radiotherapy/ Nuclear medicine/ Psychiatry
  3. MS in Microbiology or Clinical Pathology
  4. MBA in Healthcare Management
  5. M. Tech in Biomedical Engineering
  6. Master in Hospital Administration
  7. Public Health/ Biostatistics/ Master in Hospital Administration/ Epidemiology

Why is MBBS Abroad a Strategic Option for Indian Students?

In order to get admitted to Government Colleges in India for MBBS, Indian students must achieve a score of at least 600 out of 720 on the NEET entrance exam, which is a difficult job for medical students. Many medical students either dropped out in these situations and reapplied the following year, or they applied to Private Medical Colleges in India.

In contrast, the typical Indian student cannot afford the hefty capitation fees levied by private medical institutes in India. The MBBS Abroad for Indian Students program was developed to aid medical students in such situations.

Furthermore, it is the best option because an MBBS study abroad is a step towards realizing your dream of becoming a successful doctor, which is especially true for Indian medical students.

Specialized Career Options After MBBS Abroad.

  1. Clinical Biomarkers/ Medical Statistics
  2. Biosensors/ Stem Cells/ Cancer Biology
  3. Biomedical Instrumentation/ Biomaterials and Implants
  4. Recombinant DNA Technology/ Immuno-technology/ Early Detection of Cancer
  5. Nanomedicine /Translational Medicine/ Regenerative Medicine/ Telemedicine
  6. Medical Imaging / Molecular Imaging/ Image Analysis

How to Choose the Best Foreign Country for MBBS Abroad Study?

The first and most important step in enrolling in an MBBS program abroad is selecting the appropriate foreign country.


Similar to how currencies vary from country to country, so do MBBS fees. In these circumstances, Indian students might have an idea of what the typical MBBS fee budget is in other countries. Low-cost MBBS programs are offered in several countries, including Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and many more.

Before deciding to study MBBS abroad, you should consider the security situation, potential wars, and other factors. Try to pick a location for your MBBS study abroad that has a greater level of safety.

Weather: Because certain countries are colder than India, the weather should be taken into account before enrolling in an MBBS program abroad. Consequently, choose a foreign country where you can adapt even in below-freezing temperatures!

Overall, it is clear that MBBS students who study abroad can benefit from a variety of career opportunities once their studies are finished. Medical students are also recommended to choose a career in medicine purely based on their interests. For more contact with the only MBBS abroad consultants in Kerala, Medical Admission Hub, a venture of Infos Connect.