Medical Admission Hub

Medical Admission Hub is the only completely web based abroad medical admissions portal based in India. Medical Admission Hub officially represents a range of universities in Europe and Asia offering medical and paramedical courses. We bring to Indian student community, affordable European and Asian Medical Universities, Dental Universities and Veterinary Universities.

Getting a medical degree and building a career in medical and paramedical fields is a dream for many. Studying medicine, especially abroad was once considered as available only for the uber luxury in India. Times have changed. We now have ever changing regulations and governance. Many students aspire to apply directly for foreign universities for medical programmes, taking into account of various factors prevailing in India. Not every student gets into our government universities. Without any second thought, it is a great idea to migrate for studies abroad in the current scenario, to Europe and Asian nations for completing your medical degrees.

About Us


Why apply medical courses abroad through Medical Admission Hub ?

  •  Medical Admission Hub officially represents numerous foreign medical universities approved by Medical Council of India
  •  Genuinity and certification value of universities are already screened by Medical Admission Hub
  •  Get medical degrees that are internationally recognized and valued
  •  Medical Admission Hub associated medical universities follow latest research oriented curriculum
  •  Most modern and continuously upgrading laboratory facilities at universities using cutting edge technologies
  •  Experience a global culture while studying and living with students from many countries
  •  Clinical practices that are patient oriented and done at full fledge multi specialty hospitals
  •  Heavily experienced world class professors
  •  Medical Admission Hub overlooks a bigger picture whereby students can migrate overseas through education and build career some of world’s best hospitals at the earliest
  •  Once completed, students are eligible to appear for any medical council exams around the globe